Castro Valley Today’s Interns

Jason Cmelak


“My name is Jason Cmelak and I’ve lived in Castro Valley my whole life. After graduating from CVHS in 2019, I began attending Chabot College to pursue an education and eventual career in marketing. I’ve been a volunteer for the Castro Valley Educational Foundation and, through my work, hope to better our community by building connections and making life here more fun for all of us.”

Isabel Duenas

“I am Isabel Duenas and I’m a senior at Castro Valley High. I’m a club member of HOPE Unlimited, Interact, and Latino Unidos. Outside of school, I’ve played Softball (CVSC, CV United, CVGSL, Synergy) and currently play competitive soccer for RAGE out of Pleasanton. In addition, I’ve volunteered for the Castro Valley Adult School, CV Fall Festival, and on various community projects with other members of my church—Transfiguration. I am deeply rooted and connected to Castro Valley through my participation and commitment to many of its sport clubs and community organizations. I would like to continue to work to make Castro Valley a great small town.”

Keanu Dasalla


“My name is Keanu and I’m a writer and Castro Valley native. I graduated from Cal State East Bay in the spring and have been featured in my college’s literary magazine Occam’s Razor with pieces ranging from fiction and nonfiction short stories to poetry and flash fiction. In my free time I like to write, read, discover new music, watch movies and TV, and go down Wikipedia rabbit holes. Castro Valley and its people are full of amazing stories ready to be told; I hope I can play a part in making that happen.”

DeVon Tucker


“My name is DeVon and although I’m not a native of Castro Valley, some of my lifelong friends live here. I’m currently enrolled at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert after leaving the UC Davis Engineering department  looking towards a career in business and finance. I love swimming and was the captain of my high school swim team. I’ve also practiced martial arts my entire life and enjoy reading in my spare time. I’m greatly looking forward to working with the people of Castro valley.”