We are here to support our business community.

The Castro Valley Today team has been reaching out.

The Castro Valley Today team has been talking to the school district, local nonprofits, and the powerhouse of parents and volunteers going above and beyond to help others as we all learn to navigate changing circumstances.

There are so many resources available that they can be challenging to navigate, so we’ve chosen to post those shared by trusted members of our community. We’ll also host a forum for community requests through the Castro Valley Today Facebook group.

We encourage folks to share resources that are helpful to make sure we nurture the continuum of care in our town.

We've segmented resources by the following categories:

Find information about grants, stimulus eligibility, and available support for employees and employers.

Find information about PPE, relevant public health announcements for Alameda County, and information about best practices to maintain your health.

Looking for ways to give back? Here are some places actively looking for donations and volunteers.