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Technology that has been a novelty for so long  is now becoming a necessity. CV Todays development and visionary team has taken the missing pieces in our community and brought them all together in a single location. Not just a regional directory but a hyper local portal that embraces the entire community from or restaurants to our schools, to local government and community projects but the business that also serve us. As we continue to grow we will be continually adding up to date content in all categories and expand data base to provide BtoB and BtoC information and soon will become the local community resource.

Community Today

Castro Valley History Series: Hayward Union High and CVHS

Today, the high school students of Castro Valley and Hayward are largely separated from each other. However, the roots of Castro Valley High originate not from Castro Valley itself, but late 1800s Hayward. In this edition of our Castro Valley History series, we’ll be exploring the origin of Hayward Union High and its role in the founding of CVHS.

Castro Valley History Series: Eden Hospital

Like its modern descendant, the old Eden Hospital that once stood on Lake Chabot road was one of the most recognizable buildings, if not the most recognizable, in all of Castro Valley. In this edition of our Castro Valley History Series, we’ll take a look at the old Eden Hospital building and its important role in our community.