County Announces $5000 Business Relief Grants

Special Announcement

The ongoing reality of COVID-19 has meant that restrictions are devastating the livelihoods of employers and employees.

While business owners struggle to understand state and local requirements, it’s understandable that folks are unsure what to do next.

How can we continue to reduce risk while supporting the survival of our businesses?

Alameda County Community Development agency has created a program for small businesses in the un-incorporated area of Alameda County with reimbursement expenses up to $5000 to comply with COVID-19 requirements. This program can help with many things from your cleaning supplies to a new point of sale system with online ordering and even outdoor seating.

If you own a small business in Castro Valley, Ashland, Cherryland, or San Lorenzo and need help follow the links below to the online application.

Contact Alameda County Community Development Agency

Register for relief funds through the county website
Eligible businesses can receive a one-time reimbursement grant of up to $5,000 for business adaptations to comply with or relating to new COVID-19 requirements needed for business operations or re-opening, such as interior and exterior reconfigurations including curb-side or storefront pick-up and delivery, partitions, personal protection equipment (PPE), temporary signage, outdoor seating (to encourage social distancing), and other required adaptations. BAG does not require a matching contribution from the Participant.

Any project cost exceeding $5,000 will be the financial responsibility of the Participant.

If you have questions or need assistance you can contact them directly by phone or e-mail and they would be glad to help you.

Information is also available in Spanish and Chinese

• Los negocios elegibles pueden recibir una subvención de reembolso por única vez de hasta $5,000

• 合格商業可獲得多逹 $5,000 的

Jaimie Orfanos 510-670-6107 Alameda County Community Development Agency Economic and Civic Development Department