Local Community Helpers Series: Recognizing Shelli Sherman
School may be over for this year, but dedication to education and resources for Castro Valley’s students is a year-round commitment for this week’s Outstanding Community Helper, Shelli Sherman. Shelli was nominated by fellow CVUSD parents and members of the Castro Valley Educational Foundation, of which Shelli was recently president.

Shelli is known for her rapid response to volunteer for any program that benefits the community, particularly those that benefit children, regardless of whether her own kids are involved. She even volunteered to help get the theater program up and running for elementary and junior high school students when her kids were no longer participating.

“It takes many after-hours meetings and tedious work to make these programs happen, and she just volunteered for it– even with everything she has going on,” said one parent to describe her commitment.


Shelli Sherman’s running list of community contributions goes all the way back to 1998 when her family first moved to Castro Valley. She started in the Castro Valley Mother’s Club to get to know more local families, but her involvement snowballed as she got to know the community.

“I just jumped right in with both feet,” Shelli said. “I felt like the kids and schools are so important for our community. I wanted my own kids to know that it was important to me and it wasn’t about telling them, it was about doing.”


After dipping her toes in the Castro Valley Mother’s Club, her running list of organizations includes Independent Elementary School’s PTA and Site Council, the PTA at Canyon Middle School, The Castro Valley Educational Foundation, she coached little league, all in addition to her work in the medical field and teaching position at the Castro Valley Adult School.

Here’s what some of the folks in the community had to say about Shelli.

“She has this internal drive to give back that I haven’t seen before, she has boundless energy to keep going. I’ve never heard her turn anything down. Any ask, she’s the first in line to get it going and keep it going.”

“Shelli brings a smile to every situation. She has a very quick and fun sense of humor, which makes volunteering with her easy, enjoyable, and extremely worthwhile. She has an undying commitment to her children and has been a lifelong volunteer within our school district and organizations within our community. If you’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with her, you understand just how special she is.” 

“Shelli values education and lifelong learning. She is incredibly selfless, always thinking about others and gives fully from the heart. I have observed her dedication to education firsthand in the classroom. She values her community and has worked tirelessly through her volunteer work to provide resources for all students.”

“I was always impressed not only with her commitment to student success, but she would teach an eight-hour day and then head to the educational foundation— and then after working, doing hours and hours and hours of work, she would then say oh tomorrow I’ve got to go to a board meeting and then I’m judging a spelling bee!”

“On our campus she’s been a teacher for just a few years but she’s already a master teacher status. She’s the one who does professional development that other teachers clamor for. She’s always an early adopter of technology and strategy. She’s respected in that regard on her campus for how she elevates adult education.” 

“I have always been impressed by her drive and persistence in her volunteer work. It’s clear that it is a labor of love for her. She never complains about being tired or giving up. She just does with a smile on her face.”

Shelli, we are so grateful you are a member of our community and we are honored to let you know how special you are to those around you. Keep up the good work.