Local Community Helpers Series: Recognizing Todd Anglin

Some describe specific holidays or times of year to be the “giving season” but for this week’s Outstanding Community Helper, Todd Anglin, fundraising and giving back is a year-round, non-stop extra-curricular activity. Todd was nominated by members of the community spanning several of the nonprofits and community organizations in which he is an impassioned participant, leader and team player. 

As many in Castro Valley know, Todd is the current Rotary Club President, CV Educational Foundation board member, a Castro Valley / Eden Area Chamber of Commerce board member, a member of Proctor Elementary School’s Site Council, President of his own HOA, a member CVUSD Measure G Bond Oversight Committee, an appointed member of the California Earthquake Authority Advisory Panel, a local business owner, and even a board member of a local private school that he was a major part in helping survive through a rough period. Oh and a father!

As the President of the Castro Valley Rotary Club, Todd‘s board has had many recent critical efforts but one that stands out is when they helped to supply Eden Hospital with costly equipment to aid in stroke recovery. While President, Todd also ran significant Rotary Club fundraising for local senior centers, to fund additional PPE at Eden Hospital, and a local business partnership organized with several community groups and local organizations to direct business to local restaurants and donate food to Eden Hospital workers. 

Todd Anglin

When asked what motivates him to be involved in the community, he described one particular project with the Rotary Club to buy iPads and tablets for seniors. 

A majority of seniors are living in senior living homes and they can’t have visitors. Visitors help them avoid the isolation,” Todd explained particularly to describe the circumstances seniors face with social distancing. “Even when somebody is on end-of-life care right now people are only allowed to have one person visit them before they pass” 

Todd explained that having an iPad or tablet can give families critical time to say what is needed or just to visit with their loved ones. 

“I always ask the question: If that was your mom, what would you want her life to look like?”  

Todd is someone who is always looking for ways to be of service, and his year-round season of fundraising plays very well into his ethos. 

When asked “How does it make you feel when a project goes well?”  

He responded, “It feels great, makes us want to move on to the next one. There’s lots to do around us. 

Here’s what some of the folks in the community had to say about Todd.

“Todd’s a local businessperson who really believes in his community, always there to answer questions and lend a hand.” 

“Todd is there whenever he’s needed, even if he only has 10 minutes. If there’s a spot on a volunteer board that needs filling. When there’s a hand needed, Todd shows up and lends one.” 

“I’ve heard people call Todd ‘Mr. Rolodex’ because if there’s ever a problem that seems too big for one person, he always has the phone number of someone who can help.” 

“Todd always has a smile. I’ve never heard Todd say anything negative, he always looks for the solutions.”

“For so many community efforts, the people that do the heavy lifting go largely unnoticed. The work behind the scenes, launches, and advertising, campaigns- People don’t know how much time someone like Todd puts into all of this. He’s never a placeholder” .” 

Todd, we are so grateful you are a member of our community and we are honored to let you know how special you are to those around you. Keep up the good work.