Who would have thought the distance would bring us together?

We’ve been working hard behind closed doors to bring the community into this special environment that so many locals have put their hearts, labor, and skill into building.

With our community in mind, we’ve halted all Marketplace work, and have turned our focus to the local business community. As a market hall full of small and local businesses, we understand the unique impact. We also understand how strong we are when we come together. 

Castro Valley Today is a listing of small businesses in our little town.  We’ve compiled ways to support our local business community. We’ve been calling every business we can and are working with them directly to have pick up orders, deliveries and gift cards made available. 

We’re hosting this resource for the total benefit of the community. We want to see all of our businesses thrive. Please join us in patronizing the restaurants and small businesses that make our little town unique. 

We are, after all, neighbors. In our town, we show up for bake sales, spaghetti feeds, choir concerts, and festivals. This time is no different. 

Welcome to Castro Valley Today.

Community Today

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